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La novela gráfica de ARMS no debutará este año

¿Te está costando mucho esperar la llegada del primer tomo de la novela gráfica de ARMS? Te recomendamos que hagas lo posible para aumentar tus niveles de paciencia, puesto que su lanzamiento fue retrasado. Si has estado pendiente a las noticias sabes que, cuando Dark Horse Comics anunció el lanzamiento de su novela gráfica de […]

Nintendo, Game Freak y Creatures Inc. registran marca relacionada con Pokémon

Episode 3 Why Are First Person Shooters Popular -Gone Gold Gaming Podcast What’s going on? So todays episode is about one of the biggest genres in gaming…. First person shooters. We go over why we think they are so loved and what they could do to evolve and better themselves because let’s be honest….. As gamers we want, as Paul Heyman puts it “The next big […]

Episode 3 – Gaming and News

Episode 12 – Gaming Injuries w/ PFS Regional Venture Coordinator, Eric W. Brittain

On today’s episode, Special Mikey, Hindu Anthony, and Super Vegan Brian talked with the extraordinary guest, Eric W. Brittain, Regional Venture Coordinator for Pathfinder Society Organized Play. We talked about what Pathfinder Society is, Eric’s role in the Pathfinder Society, and how to help coordinate a gaming community to provide a fun and safe environment […]

Episode 3 – Gaming and News

BGN #53 | Gaming Diversity and Homegrown Comics Segment 1: We speak with gaming content creators Keisha Howard and Travis Williams about their personal experiences in the industry and where the state of gaming is today for people of color. Hosted by Lauren Warren, Jamie Broadnax and Mel Perez Segment 2: Joelle Monique interviews comic book creator Fred Noland discusses his latest […]

Episode 3 – Gaming and News