League Of Legends

PUBG Epic & Funny Moments – Episode #7 (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds)


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– Powder sheep

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– vvukong

– Vylunt

– MrShankerton

– bakashi

– MrPandaQ8 & bakashi

– MosiJ

– janni91

– Morsgault

– Za_King

– tuki

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Marco Lambo

Solo soy un Pseudo[Fotografo, desarrollador, diseñador, Dj, etc] No soy muy bueno solo lo hago por diversion o hobbie...

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  1. I see that dude all the time who is he? the guy in the second to last clip. He plays that music and almost everytime he walks in with a shotgun and 1 shots them. and his buddy machetes them to death. anybody know?

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