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Videogame BANG! #22: Gaming Megabytes

Get ready to see what happens when people stop being nice and start getting real! We bring to you an extremely heated episode of the podcast. On the show as always are your hosts Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter, joined by Steven and Jada. On the eve of Wizard World the crew is firing on all cylinders getting prepped and ready for three days of madness that lies ahead. And the anticipation is making the Bang Gang get a little stir crazy.

In this weeks videogame news portion of the show we talk about Gamefly getting ready to step into the realm of films. We also discuss Cortana coming to the Windows Phone platform in the coming months. Grand Theft Auto is back in the news with a free update, and Titanfall also talking about updates.. the not so free kind. A man stabs another man with the Master Sword from Zelda and Twitch is coming to your phone… yes.. now you can stream countless hours of Flappy Bird from anywhere!

Coming off of a heated game of D&D the crew still has some fresh wounds, and nobody holds back this week, whether we are arguing basic computer knowledge, League of Legends, or the quality of questions in this weeks trivia… oops did I say trivia?! YES! IT’s back the staple of every great podcast is the trivia game and we are dusting this pig off.. You wont believe who wins, and how much the losers bitch about it!

All that and more on this weeks… VIDEO…. GAME…. BANG!

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