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AFK Episode 13 – The True Golden Age Of Gaming

What began as an honest attempt to discuss the world of competitive gaming very quickly morphed into a nostalgia-bash about what many would consider the golden age of gaming.

An era where every new release by the heavy hitters felt like a revolution.

An era where 3D game design was king and story trumped graphics.

An era that saw the birth of games such as Prince Of Persion: The Sands Of Time, Silent Hill 2 and 3, Splinter Cell, God Of War, Star Wars KOTOR, Halo, and so much more.

It was an age when one solitary, brave television channel that would later become a bastion of burnt out programming (started as Tech TV and morphed into G4TV) brought us shows geared specifically toward gamers and the culture we all loved.

Get ready for a trip down memory lane as you tune in to this entirely organic conversation about the best the gaming world had to offer.

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Marco Lambo

Solo soy un Pseudo[Fotografo, desarrollador, diseñador, Dj, etc] No soy muy bueno solo lo hago por diversion o hobbie...

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