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Luigi’s Mansion Ghosts Vs Pac Man Ghosts- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Halloween Special

Chauncey, Bogmire, Boolossus, and King Boo, the ghosts who haunt Luigi’s Mansion run into Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, the ghosts who haunt Pac-Man’s maze to see which group of ghosts is more spooky.

Justin Buckner as King Boo
Zack Maloney as Chauncey
ZombieLicker as Bogmire
Adam/Pool as Boolossus
B-Lo Lorbes as Blinky
TheSuperPlushyBros as Inky
AMikuChanVA as Pinky
SuperThingsOnCups as Clyde


Luigi’s Mansion Ghosts:
(KB) BOO! Were you scared? Well either way, you should be now
The ghost of Bowser has come to haunt these four phantoms out of town
You stepped into the Mansion so you should know, you’re not alone
Now let me introduce you to three of my fellow ghosts
(C) The only thing I hate more than adults is this group of colored sperm
I’m gonna rock you like my horsey when you step in my crib, you worms
(Bog) I would take you to my cemetery but you clowns don’t deserve it
(Boo) It’s four against eighteen, we’re winning this, it’s certain
(KB) We’ll have you turn blue in fear (ALL) No Power Pellet needed
(Bog) How can you can beat us when you can’t get Mr. Cheese Wheel defeated?
(Boo) Can’t touch us (ALL) when the lights are out (C) Doors are locked (ALL) There’s no way out
(KB) Boos are the bomb (ALL) Without a doubt (Bog) We’re gonna make you (ALL) Scream & shout

Pac-Man Ghosts:
(B) E Gadd that was awful! (I) You’re telling me, and we don’t have ears
(P) These guys aren’t even worth our time, why the hell are we even here?
(C) Let’s focus here you guys, dissing these grandpas are our priority
(C) Let’s show them the wrath of Clyde (C & I) Inky (C, I, & P) Pinky (ALL) and Blinky!
(ALL) You live in a dusty abandoned mansion living a Ghostbusters remake
(P) Not to mention you got beat by the wimpiest Mario Brother for God’s sake
(B) You aren’t even that scary (I) Luigi’s too easy to spook
(C) You guys are so disgusting, it even makes Pac-Man want to puke
(B) Chauncey died as a baby? (P) Honestly, I’m not surprised
(B) We’ll win this in a flash (C) Like it’s the light blinding your eyes
(I) Let’s corner them (B) One touch and their dead (P) Guess this’ll be their second time
(C) Just like the skeleton of a Koopa Troopa (ALL) Your raps are bone dry

Luigi’s Mansion Ghosts:
(Boo) You’re calling our rhymes dry? (Bog) Yours make us want to Rest Back In Peace
(KB) When you’re under the Dark Moon, then you’re in for quite the treat
(C) And we ain’t talking about the Garbage Can Ghosts and their banana peels
(ALL) We know what it takes to make people piss their pants and squeal
(ALL) Step One (C) We find a creepy mansion in the middle of the forest
(ALL) Step Two (Bog) Switch off all the lights to make creepy at it’s purest
(ALL) Step Three (Boo) Wait til someone enters and wait til they react
(KG) And the Final Step (ALL) Scare them enough to give a heart attack

Pac-Man Ghosts:
(I) If that’s all it takes to scare us, then you should rethink your entire strategy
(P) We’re so awesome that we make Pac look like the bad guy in the movies
(C) We had many Ghostly Adventures (B) So don’t stick your tongues at us
(ALL) Cause we can go in strong like our name was Biff Atlas
(P) I never thought Luigi could conquer you with his wimpy demeanor
(I) How weak can you get when you all get stopped by a vacuum cleaner?
(B) So you can (ALL) WAKKA WALK (B) Away and get back inside your frames
(B) Or you can go float back into the ground crying in your graves of shame

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